Public Lectures

Sep-2017 Being-with-others: Metaphysics of Social Relations Oni, M, and Unah, J.J
Sep-2017 The “Diversity and Inclusiveness” Philosophy as a Business Imperative for the 21st Century Dawodu, W and Unah, J.J
Sep-2017 Brain Death and Organic Transplant: an African Moral Perspective Ani, A.E, Oladele, O.T and Igboeli, T.C
Advances and Anomalies of Virtual Reality Technologies in Medicine Farinola, A and Unah, J.J
Proposing “ Anima Factoris” Criterion: A Critique of Pulmonary and Brain Death Criteria Farinola, A and Unah, J.J
13-Sep-2017 Fertility Desires and Use of Contraception among Female HIV Positive Patients attending the Apin Clinic, Luth Aina, A., Odeyemi, K.A
Babatunde, T.T., Akanmu, A.S
Sep-2017 Ethics of Inclusivity Unah, J.J