S/N Title Authors
1 Actualising the University of Lagos of our Dream Odugbemi, T
2 Word Becoming Flesh: The Imperatives for Process Biotechnology Development in Nigeria Olatunji, F.O
3 Nigerian Higher Education: Agenda for Reform Jibril, M
4 What Has the Skin Got to do with It? Olumide, Y.M
5 What Has the Chemist Got to do with Healthcare Delivery? Coker, H.A
6 The War Against Parasites: Who is Winning? Oyerinde, J.P
7 Wisdom: The Ultimate Goal of Education Oyedeji, L
8 The Oil-Eating Microbe: A Remedy to the Menace of Oil Pollution Amund, D
9 The Mind in the Body: Sports Psychology as the Cornerstone to Sports Achievements and Greatness Ikulayo, P.B
10 The Microalgae: Our Indispensable Allies in Aquatic Monitoring and Biodiversity Sustainability Nwankwo, D.I
11 The Hand that Rocks the Cradle Rules the World Oyediran, M.A
12 The Future in the Instant: Managing Nigerian Education for Development Fagbamiye, O.E
13 A Paediatrician’s Experience – The Safari So Far Lesi, F.E
14 The English Language: Knowledge and Tool for Developing a Literate Society Akere, F
15 The Transformation of Nigeria: Scenarios and Metaphors Ogunsanwo, A.
16 That Water May Flow Amaku, E.O
17 The Hand Mirrors The Man Adeyemi-Doro, H.O
18 The Dentist in Africa Akpata, E.S
19 The Curious Molecules of Nature Somorin, O.
20 The Art and Science of Surgery in an Academic Setting da Rocha-Afodu, J.T
21 That our Children will Not Die: Part II Ransome-Kuti, O.
22 That Man may Not Only Survive But Flourish and Excel: The Challenge for Psychology Makanju, O.O
23 Teacher Preparation and Participation in Curriculum Improvement Osiyale, A
24 Some Have Eyes But Cannot See Majekodunmi, A.A
25 Social Studies: The Study of Ourselves and Our Environment Obebe, B.J
26 Power Demanded but NOT Supplied: The Agonising Roles of Emergency Power Supply and Transmission System Inadequacy Awosope, C.O
27 Pollutants in the Environment: Peregrination of an Analytical Chemist Olayinka, K.O
28 What Concerns the Dentist with Tumours and Hospital Management? Odukoya, O
29 Computer Visions of Reality Abass, O
31 Iron Deficiency Anaemia: a Public Health Treat from Neonate to the Elderly Abidoye, R.O
32 Sciencism in Management Theory and Philosophy: Nigerian Experience Asika, N
33 Pharmacy: Ethical Drug Distribution as Panacea to the Fake Drug Pandemic Ifudu, N.D
34 Carbohydrates, Water and Proteins: the Life-Sustainers Ogunlesi, M
35 Poetic Existence: A Personal and Social Imperative Eruvbetine, A.E
36 Child Work and Child Labour in Nigeria: Continuities and Transformation Oloko, S.B
37 Paediatric Dentistry: Giving Lasting Smile from Birth through Childhood to Adolescence Sote, E.O
38 Capacity Building in the Sciences: Imperatives for Teacher Education in Nigeria Ajeyalemi, D
39 Order in the Environment Adegbola, O.
40 Metal Forming: The Unavoidable Link Balogun, S.A
41 Medication Errors and Drug Tragedies: Casebook of a Nigerian Clinical Pharmacologist Nephrologist Mabadeje, A.F
42 Hopes And Fears: The Quandary of Living with Radiations Aweda, M.A
43 A Spatio-temporal Restructuring of Transportation System in Nigeria
Oni, S.I
44 Health and Safety Education: Panacea for Primary Health Care Folawiyo, A.F
45 From the Enigmatic to the Metaphoric: Transactions with Heterocycles and Environment Alo, B.I
46 Footprints in the Sand: A Story about Infertile Men & Others Osegbe, D.N
47 Computing Culture: The State of the Nation Ayeni, J.O
48 Beyond Calculations Sofoluwe, A.B
49 Artistic Creavity: Literature in the Service of Society Ezeigbo, T.A
50 Accounting for People’s Money Omolehinwa, E.O
51 A Philosopher Interrogates African Polis: How can we get it right? Falaiye, O.A
52 The Working Woman in a Changing World of Work Martins, O.A
53 A Matter of Life and Skin Cover Sowemimo, G.O
54 Enter the World of Maps: You Can Never Miss your Way Balogun, O.Y
55 Engine: the Incredible Power Hulk and the Inevitable Akindele, O.O
56 Educating Adults for Civic Responsibility and Communicative Competence Through Language and Literacy Studies
Okenimpke, M.N
57 Dilemma of African Modernisation Oloko, Olatunde
58 Man Know Thyself and You Shall Obtain the Healing Power Ashiru, O.A
59 Lipids in the Health of Nigerians: An Investigative Journey Abaelu, A.M
60 Let the Milk of Human Kindness Flow that our Children may Live Grange, A.O
61 Hopes And Fears: The Quandary of Living with Radiations Aweda, M.A
62 Mathematics, an Exact Science: The Axiom of Choice – A Case in Point Adu, D.I
63 Design for Development Adalemo, I.A
64 Curriculum Theorizing for Competency Adegoke, K.A
65 Botany: Roots of the Past, Routes to the Future Ogundipe, O.T
66 Bitumen: Nigeria’s other Black Gold? Adedimila, A.S
67 Agriculture and Human Settlement: a Symbiotic Relationship Oyeleye, D.A
68 Beyound Equations and Formulae: our World of Mathematics Adepoju, J.A
69 Appreciating the Uses of Literature: a Yoruba Example Alaba, I.O
70 The Administration and Management of a University in a Recessed Economy: the Case of Nigeria Yaqub, Nuhu.O
71 The Grammar of Bio-Medical Engineering Ijaola, O
72 Corruption in Nigeria: a Colonial Legacy Lawal, A.A
73 Artificial Boundaries Asiwaju, A.I
74 Changing the World One Smile at a Time Ogunlewe, M.O
75 The Making of the Wealth Plant Ogboja, O
76 ”Man’s Orbit about the Electron” Salawu, R.I
77 ” Reproduction and the Progress of Man” Giwa-Osagie, O.F
78 Financial Sector Maladaptation and Nigeria’s Economic Transformation Problem Ojo, J.A
79 Otorhinolarynology: from Obscurity to Excellence Okeowo, P.A
80 The Predicament of Modern Critical Legal Theory Obilade, A.O
81 The Mother of all Progress Oladapo, C.O
82 The Prodigies of Structural Engineering Adepegba, D
83 Ecophysiology: Environment and adaptations in animals Odiete, W.O
84 The University Department of Surgery in Contemporary Nigerian Society Omo-Dare, P
85 HIV Fellow Co-travellers and “Partners-in-crime”: Succour from Medicinal Plants and the Sea Adeleye, I.A
86 What is Adult in Adult Education Jegede, O.I
87 Community Health – Key to Community Wealth Onajole, A.T
88 Clothing Others While Naked: West Africa and Geopolitics Akinyeye, O.A
89 Reproductive Health of Women and Men: A Biochemist’s Perspective Magbagbeola, O.A
90 In Search of Transformative Justice: the Proselytism of Legal Feminism Atsenuwa, A
91 The Monster Theory: Setting the Boundaries of Corporate Financial Malpractice Abugu, J.E
92 ”Money Answereth all Things”: Issues in the financing of Development Nwokoma, N.I
93 Is It All About the Dead? Nay! It is the Living that Benefits Abdulkareem, F.B
94 Nigeria’s Quest for Industrial Development : the Iron and Steel Quagmire Lawal, G.I
95 Heart of the Matter, Matter of the Heart: Autonomic Cardiovascular Regulation in Health and Disease Anigbogu, C.N
96 Fungal Nail Infections Amongst Cassava (Garri) Processors in South West Nigeria Ayanlowo, O.O
Oladele, R.O
97 The Jaw-Breaking Words Speciality : Its Practice, Education and Bedroom Teaching/ Learning Adisa, A.J
98 That our Mouths may not Kill Us! The Story of Oral Cancers Ladeinde, A.L
99 The African Brain: Effects of African Environment on Brain Diseases Danesi, M.A
100 The International Money Game: A Zero-Sum Game or Winner Takes All Ezike, J.E
101 Data Sufficiency: Solution to Complexity of Society Mojekwu, J.N
102 Art of Taming Obligate Invaders- the Battle Between the Hosts and the Deadly Bugs Omilabu, S.A
103 Exploring Daggers, Drivers and Tools of Heart Disease in Nigerians AjuluChukwu, J.N
104 A Woman Exploring the Peculiar Diseases of Womanhood: My Odyssey as an Academic Pathologist Banjo, A.A
105 Building my Blocks on my Mentor’s Gold, Silver and Brass Somefun, A.O
106 The Detective in a Radiologist Arogundade, R.A
107 Cancer: the Unwanted Guest that may Visit Ajekigbe, A.T
108 Human Unique Blood Cells and Consequences Kehinde, M.O
109 Order and Disorder: Exploring the Logic of Life Jaja, S.I
110 Weep not Child: the Anaesthetist is Here Kushimo, O.T
111 The Chemical Engineer and the Changing World Ogunye, A.F
112 Finance and Entrepreneurship: Rod and Staff through the Valley of Unemployment Owualah, S.I
113 Lines and Space in Human Affairs: Minorities and Marginals Akinyele, R.T
114 Unseen Guests at Table: the Unsung Heroes of our Environment Aboaba, O.O
115 Pensions: the Promise, the Perils, the Expectations in Actuarial Perspective Ibiwoye, A
116 Financial Development and Real Growth: Deciding the Chicken and Determining the Egg Adegbite, E.O
117 That we May Overcome Cancer: “The Odyssey of a Radiation Oncologist Durosinmi-Etti, F.A
118 Debt, development and the third world: the issues and the choices Olaloku, F. A
119 Sociology and Crime Control: That We May Live in Peace Soyombo, O
120 Nigeria’s Demographic Delusion: a Critical Examination of the Census Controversy Olusanya, P.O
121 Psychology, Leadership and Development: a True Perspective for Emancipation Eze, N
122 Population and Development: Myths and Realities in Nigeria Oyekanmi, F.A.D
123 Even Metals Suffer Hypertension Enahoro, H.E
124 Power System Control and Automation: the Challenge of Reliable Power Supply Okafor, F.N
125 That Structures May be Safe, Sound and Economical Akeju, T.A.I
126 Abundant Local Structural Engineering Materials Without Affordable Structures Salau, M.A
127 Fourth Estate of the Realm or Fourth Estate of the Wreck – imperative of social resposibility of the press Akinfeleye, R. A
128 Energy-Budget of the Earth-Atmosphere System: what role for particulates? Oluwafemi, C. O
129 The science of creativity: Appropriating the power of the image of God Olusanya, O
130 The Nigerian Derailed Industrialisation: Causes, Consequences and Cures Adejuyigbe, M. O. A
131 Architecture: the search for identity and continuity Aradeon, D
132 Fishes, Man and the Aquatic Environment Kusemiju, K
133 Fungi: Friends or Foes to Mankind Adekunle, A.A
134 Mathematics: is it all About Numbers? Some Selected Contributions as Case Studies Ajayi, O.O
135 The Bugs that Refuse to Die and Super Tailors of Life: their Impact on Health, Economic and Social Well Being of Man Okochi, V.I
136 The Rule of Law: A Catalyst for Enthronement of Democracy, Justice and Good Governance Mowoe, K.M
137 Land Law and Development Jegede, M.I
138 Law and Land Rights: Whither Nigeria? Omotola, J.A
139 Trends of Human Rights Campaign in Family Law Uzodike, E
140 Sustainability of Nigerian Built Environment: The Nexus of Architecture, Urban Design and the National Building Code Okedele, O.S
141 Man’s Struggle With Insects: He Stoops to Conquer Makanjuola, W.A
142 Numbers: the Language of the Thinkers Okunuga, S.A
143 “For Top-Class Long-Distance Radio” Olatunji, E.O
144 Sidelining Orthodoxy in Quest for Reality Towards an Efficient Legal Regime of Land Tenure in Nigeria. Smith, I.O
145 Precious Gifts From Fermentative and Photosynthetic Micro Organisms to Mankind Nwachukwu, S.U
146 Man and Respiratory Viruses Ogunbi, O
147 Microbes: Our Unseen Allies in the Battle against Pollution Ekundayo, J.A
148 Fungi: the Non Chlorophyllous Plants of Our Environment- How They Affect Human Kind Uma, N.U
149 Of Norms, Values and Attitudes: the Cogency of International Law Oyebode, A.B
150 From Contract to Status in Quest for Security Adeogun, A.A
151 Biosystematics: the life science that directs the growth and development of a nation Ugborogho, R. E
152 The Human Predicament: has Human Life on Earth any Ultimate Purpose, any Ultimate Meaning-an Existential Inquiry Omoregbe, J.I
153 Oral Poetry and National Development: the Igbo Example Uzochukwu, S
154 Ports, Hinterlands and Forelands Olukoju, A.O
155 Nigeria’s Foreign Policy in Global Historical Perspectives Osuntokun, A.I
156 Bridge across cultures Abioye, J.O
157 Venez parler francais avec moi OJO, S.A
158 Everyman i will go with thee: the Highways of Literature Vincent, T
159 Reading And Writing for National Development: The Nigerian Experience Taiwo, O
160 Town and Gown: a Three- Legged Creative Arts Curriculum in University of Lagos Adetoro, S.A
161 Tertiary Level Education and Training in Water and Environmental Control Technology: African Perspectives Iwugo, K.O
162 Electrical Machines and Systems: the Challenge for a Culture of Self-Reliance Okoro, C.C
163 Understanding Change Dynamics in a Stochastic Environment Ibidapo-Obe, O
164 The Science, Technology and Economic Implications of Corrossion Kamma, C.M
165 Microelectronic: the Technology of Making Smarter, Smaller and Cheaper Electronic Products Adegbenro, O
166 An Autocthonous Constitution for Nigeria: Myth or Reality? Osipitan, T
167 The Working Woman in a Changing World of Work Agomo, C.K
168 Biotechnology: an Alternative Goldmine Bello, R.A
169 Ports, hinterlands and forelands Olukoju, A.O.